The Magnificent Meeting of Centuries-Old Brands: ATELIER REBUL X CIRAGAN PALACE

Yüksel Güngörmüş
The Magnificent Meeting of Centuries-Old Brands: ATELIER REBUL X CIRAGAN PALACE

The history and nobility of Çırağan Palace came together with Atelier Rebul's fragrance expertise. A magnificent fragrance collection was born, inspired by the splendid atmosphere of the historical palace, the iconic structure of the unique Bosphorus. With the unique ATELIER REBUL X ÇIRAĞAN PALACE collection, which consists of cologne, sticky room scent and candle, the deep-rooted history of centuries-old brands was carried to the notes.

Çırağan Palace Kempinski Istanbul General Manager and Kempinski Residences Turkey Regional Director Ralph Radtke expressed his feelings regarding this cooperation as follows: “Çırağan Palace, which excites those who see it with its magnificence and wonders those who do not, and Atelier Rebul, which has a centuries-old history, an expert in the field of fragrance, has created a unique collection that has been meticulously studied for a long time. We invite those who experience this collection, which was created based on our history and the Bosphorus, where we have been positioned for centuries, to explore Istanbul and Çırağan Palace.”

Nüket Filiba, Co-CEO of Rebul Group of Companies and Founding Partner of Atelier Rebu said; “The meeting of these two centuries-old brands is of course not a coincidence. It was our precious legacy from our pasts that drew us to each other. We were inspired by the magical gardens of the palace and the unique Bosphorus, while creating this fragrance special to Çırağan Palace. We are happy to take you on this indescribable and centuries-old journey in one breath, we are very excited. It is our greatest wish to make the values ​​of Istanbul felt in every corner of the world.”

While Çırağan Palace has been rising on the shores of the Bosphorus with all its splendor and beauty for centuries, it has also been the meeting point of the blue of the sea, the gentle wind and the flowers of the palace garden. In this special fragrance where centuries-old brands meet; the refreshing notes of carefully selected flowers in the lush gardens of the palace come together with the fresh and indescribable air of the Bosphorus with rich citrus notes. With the elegant scent of geranium and violet, the elegant note of the stylized lily flower symbolizing rebirth, which is included in the hotel's logo, brings the Çırağan Palace to life in memories. This special fragrance experience ends with a warm and mystical world. Inspired by the texture and architecture of the Çırağan Palace, the mystical blend of amber and oak combined with the sweet touch of vanilla and praline is engraved in the memories. The colorful notes of this collection, created exclusively for the palace, which once hosted tulip festivals, make itself felt in every moment of the fragrance.

The symbolic key on these special products, which carry the magnificence of the past to living spaces not only with its notes but also with its design, represents the key of the palace and memories. While the design of the products in the ATELIER REBUL X ÇIRAĞAN PALACE collection is inspired by the gold leaf typography of the period, the embossed monogram texture on the packaging surface reflects the traces of the pleasant continuous flow of the Bosphorus and makes the Çırağan Palace live wherever you are.

Opening to the world from Çırağan Palace, this special collection is waiting for you to discover it in Çırağan Palace's online shopping site Çırağan Palace Shop and Atelier Rebul stores in Turkey and abroad.