Finest Gulet From AIDAMARE

Finest Gulet From AIDAMARE

AIDAMARE is proud to offer; Get a luxurious treat by the heavenly corners of Turkish Riviera.

With unspoiled nature and most remarkably clear clean turquoise blue seas of the Aegean and Mediterranean,enjoy the safest water in the world with this luxury sailing gulet.

This super luxury 47 meters long-gullet offers you automatic social distancing.Feel safe to be out on the water with your loved ones while Aida's expert team ensures to provide you the utmost care&service..

What is a Gulet?

The traditional Turkish Gulet is a handmade vessel crafted from wood by highly skilled master craftsmen.

Also known as motor sailors, Gulets are extremely comfortable and ideal for long sea voyages as well as inshore coastal trips.

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