Dinner Table of Your Dreams in the Middle of the Aegean Coast

Gürkan Uzunpınar
Dinner Table of Your Dreams in the Middle of the Aegean Coast

Bringing together the most special flavors of Turkey and the world, The Bodrum Edition continues to offer its guests a fascinating gastronomic experience. Osman Sezener, who has made a name for himself with unique tastes, welcomes his guests this season in Kitchen Bodrum with its modern Aegean and Anatolian cuisine.

The venue, which has a special menu where Sezener brings its guests together with local delicacies, also has a fascinating concept that truly supports local production. In addition to herbs, salad greens and vegetables are produced with a sustainable approach in the facility's own gardens; The freshest meat and sea products are sourced from local producers at nearby farms.

Offering unique dining experiences, award-winning chef Osman Sezener meets his guests at the delightful tables of The Bodrum Edition, accompanied by local inspirations this season. The most outstanding flavors on the menu, prepared with the freshest local products are Seafood Canneloni with Champagne and Cardamom sauce, Linguine with Bottarga, and Single Malt Whiskey, Beef Rib flavored with persimmon puree and cinnamon, and Keskek.