An Italian Breeze Near the Bosphorus: Olea & The Bar

Yüksel Güngörmüş
An Italian Breeze Near the Bosphorus: Olea & The Bar

Olea & The Bar offers the traditional flavours of Italian cuisine and the long-awaited cocktails of & The Bar in the heart of the Bosphorus. Olea & The Bar stands out with its carefully prepared menu, wide cellar, and rich cocktails, as well as its modern and sophisticated design, stylish ambiance and unique view.
The new Italian of Istanbul…

Olea, whose name is rooted in Latin and means olive, stands out as a classic Italian restaurant where traditional Italian flavors and cooking techniques are offered to guests in the most elegant way. Taking its guests on a culinary journey between all regions of Italy, from starters to pasta, from risotto to main courses, Olea reveals its difference with its main dishes and pastas based on original family recipes, which is called 'Cibo di Famiglia', as well as classic Italian dishes. Executive Chef Fabio Brambilla offers his guests a feast of taste with recipes and cooking techniques that have been used in Italy for centuries, rather than experimental dishes, his long years of experience and knowledge are reflected on the plates. In the main dishes of the menu, which offers a wide range from lamb meat to seafood, wild sea bass with salsa sauce prepared with Datterini tomatoes, grilled steak flavored with ten-month-old parmesan and served with asparagus; octopus stew cooked on a slow fire are just a few of the special Olea flavors. Traditional desserts such as tiramisu, panna cotta, and galette on the menu complete the Italian taste journey at Olea with the special touches of Executive Chef Fabio Brambilla.

Olea, which draws attention with its cellar as well as its cuisine, has the widest Italian wine menu in Istanbul. Designed with lemon chiffon and Italian green colors reflecting the Italian spirit, Olea welcomes its guests in a stylish and elegant ambiance in the heart of the Bosphorus, with natural materials such as hazeran and terracotta.
Flavors that make a difference…

Making a difference with the original cocktails in its menu and the presentation and flavors unique to & The Bar, & The Bar is becoming the favorite meeting point of Istanbul with its modern design and elegant atmosphere. Among the unique recipes and presentations, Salty Kiss flavored with fresh basil, lemon juice and sea salt, Spice And Ice where Chile and Albanian pepper meet with passion fruit, Lovely Lavander where the unique aroma of lavender stands out, and Sparkling Sips with its refreshing effect, are only few of & The Bar’s signature cocktails. 

Located at the most beautiful point of the European side with its fascinating view covering two bridges and magnificent mansions, & The Bar offers a unique experience with its original cocktails, delicious snacks, comfortable decoration, and professional service accompanied by the sparkling waters of the Bosphorus. Welcoming its guests for lunch in a perfect atmosphere, a magnificent sunset, or an unforgettable night under the stars, & The Bar offers its guests a privileged eating and drinking experience with the signature of Emre Ergani, who is well acquainted with successful venues.