The sky is the limit…

Once we receive an idea, a wish or just a goal of a certain experience from the guest, our Travel Designers are opening the secret book of the best out of the best selection of places, hoteliers, venues, restaurants, moments to experience and come up with personalized extravagant itinerary that makes the craziest dreams come true.

The key highlights that make AIDA your ultimate choice:

-An expertise with many decades of experience: We created millions of unique moments that enriched so many people’s lives.

-The connections that not everyone has access to. This is one of our top Highlights. We want to overcome the expectations of the guest by curating the holiday program that nobody else can offer.

-Creating a bespoke experiential and transformational travel. We analyze thoroughly our guest’s hobbies, core values, interests, travel wishes and personalpreferences before we draft an itinerary: Whether it is escaping into the wilderness, basking in the sunlight on a private beach, having unforgettable honeymoon or an extravagant shopping in secret designer boutiques. The luxury experience is sorely personal and subjective, and we know how to to tickle the wanderlust of our client.