Adviye Bergemann Represented Turkey At Women Leaders Panel At World Economic Forum

Adviye Bergemann Represented Turkey At Women Leaders Panel At World Economic Forum

The Davos Summit, organized by the World Economic Forum (WEF) started in the town of Davos in Switzerland for the 50th time this year. At the summit, with main theme of "Parties of a harmonious and sustainable world" on January 21-24, Aida Tourism Chairperson and Founder and President of the International Sustainable Tourism Association (USTUD) Adviye Bergemann represented Turkey and took her place as a speaker in the Women's Leadership and Sustainable Development Goals panel held on Monday, January 20.  

At the Eco Tourism panel, which will be held today (Tuesday, January 21), Bergemann will explain the tourism industry in our country and explain that Turkish tourism is a good example for other countries.

More than 50 heads of state of the country and the prime minister level will represent their countries, at the World Economic Forum and Turkey will be represented by Minister of Foreign Affairs Mevlut Cavusoglu, Minister of Finance and Treasury Berat Albayrak, Minester of Customs and Trade Ruhsar Pekcan and Governor of the Central Bank Murat Uysal.

It is estimated that more than 3 thousand businessmen, politicians, academicians and representatives of non-governmental organizations from 117 countries will attend 400 open and closed sessions at WEF. Adviye Bergemann was among the women leaders of the countries such as USA, UK, Switzerland, Russia, Egypt, and Jordan in the Women Leadership and Sustainable Development Goals Panel and Eco Tourism in Caspian Region panel. In the session of Women Leadership and Sustainable Development Goals, where Sberbank President Advisor Helen Teplitskaya from Russia, Yasmine Fouad, Egyptian Minister of Environment, Mariam Almaszade, CEO of SOCAR Trading SA took part, Adviye Bergemann shared information about the power and value of women in Anatolian geography. Emphasizing that Amazons, Kybele and Artemis passed through Anatolian geography, Bergemann stated that the power of our women is based here. Bergamann said: ‘Since I know myself, since I was 13, I have been working and earning my life. I have struggled with men throughout my professional life. And all the struggle I had, created who I am today. I never thought I lost, therefore I learned or earned from this experience. I would like to thank all the men who gave me the chance to fight and put me in my strong position today. As a result of this struggle, I am very proud to be at the World Economic Forum today. Today we are talking about gender equality, for this we need leadership and role models. When we look at the countries in the world today, the number of countries managed by female leaders is below 10 percent. I believe that our world will be more livable and peaceful with the rise of female leaders under the dominance of world male leaders. I dream of seeing more women leaders in the countries in the future. Today and in the coming years, we should not talk about gender equality, but equality of individuals. "

Aida Tourism Chairperson, Adviye Bergemann who are in the tourism industry for 33 years, continue her work to bring tourists to Turkey with high added value and to ensure that these tourists spend more money. In order to launch luxury tourism movement in Turkey she founded the Aida tourism 17 years ago and she has created luxinturkey platforms 5 years ago. With this platform, which aims to introduce our country to luxury tourism market abroad and to attract more tourists with high income and spending level. At the same time USTUD (International Sustainable Tourism Association), founded by Adviye Bergemann, was established in order to support the tourism, which is sustainable, environmentally friendly, protects and exalts cultural values for the benefit of country tourism, and provides high value-added tourism.